Emotionally Empowered


For optimal app experience:

1. Please use Chrome to access this app. Other browsers are not guaranteed to be supported.

2. Save the app on your mobile device for quicker access.

For Android phones:

- Click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.

- Select "Bookmarks" to be taken to the next screen.

- Select "Add shortcut to desktop" option.

For iOS devices (iPhones, iPad):

- Tap the "Share" icon, which is the icon that contains a box with an upright arrow.

- Press the icon with a plus sign which reads "Add to Home Screen".

- Choose how to name the shortcut and press "Add".

For Windows phones:

- Click on the menu button.

- Select "Add to Home Screen".

- Name your shortcut icon.

- Press "Add".

For best results:

1. The history email and download functions are a fantastic way to share your entries with a coach, mentor, or therapist.

2. Regular self-reporting and use of the app are important. If you need a reminder to use the app, set a daily calendar reminder (or alarm) on your mobile device.

3. At this time, the Emotionally-Empowered app is built, supported, and maintained by one person. Please keep this in mind when writing in about an issue or feature request about this app. Feedback is welcomed, and responses may not be immediate. Please email support@emotionally-empowered.com directly.

Be emotionally empowered. Feedback and questions welcomed, here.

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